Tipically good to know facts…

A tipi (also tepee or teepee) is a cone-shaped tent, traditionally made of animal skins upon wooden poles. A tipi is distinguished from other conical tents by the smoke flaps at the top of the structure.

Historically, the tipi (tepee or tepee) was used by Indigenous people of the Plains in the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies of North America, as well as by indigenous peoples of northern Europe and Asia under other names. Tipi (tepee or tepee) lodges are still in use by these peoples, though now primarily for ceremonial purposes.

Our Kata tipis are UK manufactured and can be set up individually or linked together which creates unique and versatile spaces for any event.

The tipis are made of strong, weather proof canvas and they are complementing any site you will chose. On a sunny and warm day, we can lift the sides up for you allowing stunning views from within the tipi. And if the weather doesn’t want to play along, the sides can stay down and the tipis will be cosy and warm. Lights, bunting and a warm fire will make sure the day will be unforgettable.

Giant Hat Kata numbers per tipi:

  • 10.3-13.2m in diameter with the sides down or up. In fine weather, we recommend up – bring the outside in!
  • 7.1m in height.
  • Seat 48-64 guests depending on the table plan.
  • Over 100 guests can comfortably stand.

Can be set up individually or linked together

Strong, weather-proof canvas

Tipically useful floorplans

Tipically accessories at your disposal

Rest your legs

Our locally hand crafted tables and benches can sit up to eight people per table.

Wet your whistle

Our bar with a difference. Portable and bespoke. A must for any tipi event.


Our forest tipis are set upon bespoke wooden decking, providing a comfortable space to drink, chat and enjoy the views over the forest. At our other locations, our tipis will be built upon corn-coloured matting.

Some added sparkle

Our festoon and fairy lights that adorn our tipis will light up any event.

Creating the Wow Factor